Thursday, 18 October 2012

Rangoli Making

In a city like Mumbai where life is fast paced we always prefer to pick something that reads “Ready to Use” to save time.  As festive season is approaching we have so many things to plan and so less time to make. Decoration is one such element that we all look out for in the market.

Traditionally Rangoli is a kind of decoration done on the floor in every Hindu house at the entrance. It is a decorative design of colors made on floors and has its own religious importance. We get to see a wide variety of designs and types of rangoli from different parts of India.

Nowadays we have so many modified forms of Rangoli making available in the market. Thus this post is on Rangoli which is easy to make and takes less time.

 Material Required :White sand powder, Powder colors, Pencil with a rubber end, tea strainer, chalk, some glass embellishment.

 Procedure:  I have tried to portray a peacock with the sanskar bharti motifs. With the help of a white chalk make 3 semicircles as the outlines.

Use a strainer to spread the Rangoli colors as it spreads evenly. While spreading the rangoli try to spread the colour only in respective blocks.

After all three semicircles are filled with colors with the help of a rubber ended pencil make the design.

The rubber end helps in easy mobility of the pencil and smooth design creation.

Below you could see the peacock  design made  by using  Sanskar bharti motifs.

Below is a circular pattern of design to shows the feather design of the peacock.

To enhance the appeal of the rangoli you could use some  embellishments. I have used some glass pieces in this rangoli.

Finally wipe the outer surface of Rangoli for any spread of colours. Place a diya on the rangoli. 

   below are some more designs with the help of  a pencil. Thus you have a traditional rangoli  which can be done without any expertise in this art. 

It can be quickly made and  saves time.  I would like to thank Amrita for helping me in this post.

Happy Dussehra to all you readers!


  1. excellent work & innovative stuff!

  2. Beautiful imagination Smita :)
    You've done good work in this post:)
    Keep it up :D



  3. Lovely. Nice design and good explanation. It will help the uninitiated to try it out.

  4. Thank you Sagar Sir,jay and sabyasachi.Well this post is for all those who may not have the expertise but desire to make one.

  5. Hey,

    This design looks fabulous. I have tried so many rangoli designs. However never tried this kind of design. Wanna have a trail in next festival.


  6. That's simply amazing! Truly a wonderful art. Simple love those intricate Rangoli designs and patterns.

  7. Super idea ! liked it very much

  8. Even I making doing different Rangoli designs every year. This Diwali I am surely going to pick something from here. Lovely designs must say! Thanx for sharing.