Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Handmade cushions

Cushions: You cuddle them, are comforted by them and at times shed tears on them. It is a synonym of comfort and elegance.
 This post is on handmade cushions where in I have used my skills to enhance the appearance. I ended up making one of the cushions in my train journey to Jamnagar and back. It’s easy to make and an excellent work of art to enhance the room décor.

Material required: 1 ½m satin cloth, tailors chalk, Sewing needle and thread, scissors and poly fiber (1kg)

      I.            Procedure: First take 11/2 m cloth lengthwise and divide it into 2 equal parts. This length gives you 2 exactly sized cushions.

      I.            Now measure 5inches with a ruler from the end of the cloth and cut a 5 inch cloth from both the parts. Keep this cut piece aside as we use it to make the center of the cushion.

      I.              Take first part of the cut fabric. Place the mat surface of the cut fabric facing you.
  II.            Now draw 2 inch wide lines horizontally and vertically with a tailors chalk. A tailor’s chalk is easily available in stationary shop –this chalk is more prominent on the cloth surface and easy to use on fabric.

      I.            After drawing the lines you will find equidistant squares on the cloth.
  II.             Draw a diagonal line in alternate squares in a column; repeat the same procedure in the alternate column. 
      I.            In the empty adjacent column draw diagonal lines in opposite direction again. Look at the picture below for clarity.

      I.            After drawing lines, with the help of sewing needle and thread make 2 pleats following the diagonal line in Single Square as shown in the picture below.

Complete the pleats on the entire fabric.

After pleating the fabric should look something like this

                Ball puffs : We have to utilize the 5inch cut fabric and poly fiber for making the balls

Take one piece and divide it into 2 equal parts thus we make 2 balls from a single piece. The cut fabric should look something like this.

Take 1 piece of fabric and insert poly fiber in the form of a ball. Stitch the fabric on the wool with a thread.
4 balls can be made from the 4inch cut fabric.

Now at one of the ends with the help of a running stitch collect the entire fabric and tie it together. Thus we seal the cushion from one of the ends.

      I.            Use poly fiber to fill in the cushion.Now place a thin polyfill sheet on the base of the cushion to have a uniform 
  II.           Spin the poly fiber with hand and then stuff it inside the cushion.

  Once the fiber is stuffed close both the ends. The cushion should look like this.

Finally attach the balls in the center on both sides of the cushion. 
Your cushions are ready!