Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Be natural Be Pure

Welcome again! 
In this concrete jungle  around us you rarely get to see nature. Be it trees, water bodies or birds. We all have become robots work , eat and sleep and the cycle continues.I somewhere feel our emotions develop,change, stop on basis of our  social networking. I am not against electronic media but I do feel we are addicted to electronic gadgets and applications.
I have been working with a Hotel management Institute for some years now and i teach about aesthetics.Its very important to have have something pure, natural in your periphery to freshen you up and calm you down.
I love to see something natural and lively in my work area.So I bought these indoor green plants for our cafeteria section.

I wanted to revamp this planter, Googled some great post on fabric used for pots. I had some decorative craft paper with me. Mesured it and cut the paper into the required size.

 I used a thick adhesive below and above the decorative paper on the planter to prevent it water, dirt etc .

So this is it, an natural and decorated piece of beauty.

Monday, 29 February 2016

foil art

Wall Art- Foil Paper

 I was travelling in the interiors of Maharashtra last weekend. It was so eye soothing to ride through the lush fields of  different seasonal vegetables and fruits.My son 2 years old was also accompanying us on this trip. Being a mom you need to be careful of what not to give and what to give your child while travelling.Thus each day I made sure I carried some home made food  and drinks for my son.
When on a trip I tend to carry most of the food in disposable containers and foil wraps to reduce baggage.
It was late evening and my son wanted something to eat,I reached out for a container filled with fruit. As he quietly eat I glanced at the foil container and was sure I wanted to try something  crafty with it.

 As its the first time I have been experimental with an aluminium foil i tried to make a wall art.

I Cut the card Paper into a circular shape. Then stuck a black velvet paper to make a fabric like background.

To make a design Fold the foil paper into square shape and cut a desired shape of the  design.
 I made small leaves to form a design.It depends on each ones perception on creating a design. 

I made this design to use it for different purposes as to use it as an backdrop.

Punching machine can be used to make small spherical shapes.

An aluminium foil  due to its sparkling appearance can make an art  look so beautiful. I kept this wall art behind my bappa .

Isnt it a smart way to use something so resourceful in a crafty way. Do give it a try. See you soon!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fancy candle Holders

Hi happy Diwali to all of you friends!
Welcome back! 
Its festive time and this year I wanted to our regular diya with some fancy lamp.
After some research I got to know used C.D can be a good reflective  source of light as lamp holders.
I had a wax lamp and a holder all I needed was some embellishments for the presentation.
Embellishments: these are easily available at any novelty store. I have used a lace of beads and some  almond shape stones. you could get a variety of color and shapes.

In the picture below I have used a golden bead lace with some pink glass shapes.The open space on the c.d helps to reflect the illumination of the lamp.

In this Picture I have used different glass shapes to form a simple lamp holder

In the picture below I have used ready to used stick on stones.

And finally to sum it all I painted some hand made diyas with acrylic paints.We got to be traditional also thus some handmade lamp painted by me.

Good bye for now!
May you have a safe and happy diwali!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Stocking flowers

Hello Pals! It has been months  that I have posted some crafty stuff.
When u have a toddler back home all you can think off is to have a  fun filled  creative lifestyle.
Last week when I was cleaning my wardrobe i found some old hair accessories which i use for wedding and parties, it was actually a clip attached with flowers made from stocking material This is when  I felt I should try my hands on artificial flowers made out of stocking material.
So here it is people

Material required:  stocking fabric( easily available in any novelty store) nylon or regular thread, easily bendable metallic wire and scissors

With the help of a spherical container make a sphere of the metallic wire and wind the open ends to keep  the sphere in shape

Insert this metallic sphere shape wire inside the fabric and stretch the fabric to one end of the wire.The wire should be be completely enclosed in the fabric.

Hold the fabric on the wire with the help of a thread. Place 3-4 four stamens besides the petal and wind it with a metallic wire to hold it in place.
Picture below will help you understand it better.

Now place the other petal and attach it with the help of the thread.
Once the petals and stamens are attached shape the petals to form a flower.

Finally cover the stick with green tape to form the stem of the flower.

Thus your flowers are ready.

You could use them in accessories and in show piece for decoration.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Towel Origami Workshop

Whoaa!Its 30 December today and I simply cant wait for 31st evening. This month I have been busy attending weddings and events that I hardly had  time to do some real creative stuff.But yes I had conducted a towel folding/ towel origami workshop for our college students.And I would like to share some cool creative stuff we made from towels.

Towel Origami: Originated in Cruise-liners to decorate the bed with creative animals and forms made from towels.Its  quite common nowadays in resorts and suite rooms in hotels.

Material Required: Towels- bath towel,hand towel,bath mat,accessories- ribbons, bindis ,hat,specs etc.
There are different animals that can be made from a bath and hand towel.I have also posted crab and dog making post earlier.

 You could find a step by step method below in the links given:

It was fun teaching students this creative art and make them innovate thier own towel art. 
The pictures below are some great art work done by our college students.





So thats all for this year.
wishing you and your family a  very happy new year  
See you soon in 2015!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Trendy Bracelets

 Welcome Back,
 It has been more than 2 years i have been blogging on creative art. I have no idea how many followers I have made but my dear college students always follow my blog and keep updating me of some new  creative art .
This time it was Sarthak  one of my third year student who came up with the idea to make bracelets.  Rubberband bracelets- quick and easy form of art.One can do art easily anywhere anytime.

Material Required: loom bands -multicolor, green -loom needle,red- band board.
 Procedure: this art is all about interlocking different color rubber-bands together to form a pattern.
Initially twist the band and attach it on the band board exactly as shown in the picture besides.
 now attach two more bands on the band board.

 Now start pulling the rubber bands out of the board.
As u start removing the bands out they start locking the bands together.
picture besides explains the same.
 Thus after placing two bands on the band board keep getting the last band out of the board to interlock the loom bands.

 insert a plastic hook to hold the first open band in place.
 keep weaving the bands in alternate or same color to form a design.
 thus your cute little rubber band is ready.
get the last band on the band board attached to the plastic hook to form a circular hand bracelet.

 thus a cute multicolored band is ready.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Traditional Indian Lantern

  Diwali!One festival that every member ,every house and every state of India looks forward to celebrate .Many mythological stories  are related to this festival .Brightly lit houses and bomb- bomb noise of fire crackers on streets  and sweet and savory food delicacies is something you cant miss out on.
Diwali means  light  a new beginning and victory thus in every house you may find some trendy lighting and decorative lanterns. 
I wanted to try something traditional, Eco-friendly and arty so here it is traditional Lantern Making.
Articles required:
 Card Paper sheet-white, stapler,fevicol,gelatin paper,kite paper-color of your choice,golden paper.scissor, scale, pencil.

 With the help of scale and pencil draw lines of 2 cm each.Cut these two strips . now form a circle from each strip like shown in the picture below. Thus the base and head of the lantern is ready.

 Now cut 4 more strips of card board of 2 cm each and length of 9 cm each like in the picture below.


Attach these four strips to the 2 rings in the form of pillars. this makes the inner structure of the lantern. like the picture below. 

line this base structure with red gelatin paper to pass the bulb light easily.To make a colorful outer structure cut the kite paper in square size of 9 cm each. 

 To make the borders decorative cut the square shapes with zig zag cutting scissors. 
 Now paste any two ends of the square sheet together. Allow to dry and then stick the plain side of the sheet to the lantern . like the picture below. 
 I have used different color papers to form a alternate color pattern.

  Finally cut   two golden strips to stick at the head and bottom of the lantern. 
 The golden color paper makes the lantern look more attractive. Also use small square size of golden paper on the closed end of the folded  paper. 

 Now cut streamers from the left out paper to make the tail of the lantern. stick the tails at the base of the lantern in alternate combinations.

  Illuminate it with light bulb connection.

Thus a traditional lantern is ready.