Sunday, 30 December 2012

Water Fountain

 Hi There,
Finally I could find something to experiment .I visited my cousin’s place this December and was amazed to find a beautiful waterfall she had made. It was placed in the living room, the sound of tiny water stream lets created a calm and serene environment

The beauty and charisma of any waterfall is so immense that one can’t resist saying –“Wow”!  This is why I wanted to craft one waterfall with all available materials. Below is the description to make one

Material Required: Thermocol sheet, Cement, plastic container, water pump, artificial green foliage.

Procedure:  Break the Thermocol sheet into small pieces into any shape and size.
In one container mix 2 cups of cement with ½ cup of water to make a thick paste. Mix the thermocol pieces into cement and place them one above the other to form a mountain.
Cut 5-6 strips of thermocol to form steps on the mountain. Mix these strips in cement and lay them on the front side of the mountain. Allow the structure to dry for 3-4 hours.
To make a sturdy structure pours a cement paste on the structure again.
Fix artificial green foliage in between the gaps of the mountain. Allow it to dry for 3-4 hours.
Take a plastic container which can easily fit in the mountain and water pump inside it.
Apply a thick cement paste on the plastic container and allow it to dry. Make sure all the parts of the container are sealed with cement. We do this to create a pond Image.
A water pump is a machine which helps in cyclic movement of water. It is easily available in any hardware shop.
I have used a vase to elevate the mountain and placed the water pump in the container filled with water.
Attach the water pipe on the tip of the mountain so that the water trickles down the steps of the water fall.

I use the natural flowers to decorate the container to give a touch of nature.
 Thus the waterfall is ready.