Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pot Painting

  This vacation I visited my native place malwan situated in the konkan coastal region of Maharashtra. It has such amazing monumental scenery, sensuous forests and pleasing beach fronts.
It makes you feel nostalgic when you revisit a place where you spent your childhood. Life has changed in terms of civilization in malwan. You rarely get to see those terracotta roof tops and coconut trees leaves used as fences around the houses.
But you still can enjoy a seamless sync with nature. As I travelled to different parts of malwan I also came across some weekly bazaars in the area.  In one such bazaar I and my mom purchased some locally used earthen ware pots.

These pots are used to store curd, spices etc also I do remember the fish curry and rice my granny used to cook in earthen ware pots. I chose the pots solely for its looks.
Thus I decorate an earthen ware pot which can be used for storage in our kitchen.

Material required:

Earthen pot, acrylic colors, 3d liner, varnish.

1) First wash the pot and allow it to dry before use.

2) I have used yellow acrylic color to a bright texture to the pot.

 Give at least 2-3 coats of color. Allow the first coat to dry and then apply the next coat.

3) I got the head painted with red color; you could use your choice of color to paint the pot.

After the paint dried I used a 3d liner  to create a pattern of lines on the pot.

5) This is how the pot looks after the pattern was completed.

 6) To make it more attractive I used a 3d glitter liner around the rim of the pot and the lid.

Always use two contrast colors as they complement each other. I have painted the rim of the pot blue as it enhances the look.

8) To give a shine on the surface paint a coat of varnish on the surface.I use this pot to store my whole spices and also it add to the decor of my kitchen.

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  1. Wow, that was quite a visually stimulating description of the making of an earthenware pot.
    If only creativity could be blossomed in all human souls, the world would be much more beautiful than it is at present. Lovely. Keep posting :)

  2. Nice one..I always love pot painting and have seen my sister do it but I never tried one.I liked it !

  3. thank you amrita. jay and uma thank you for the encouraging comments.
    reena mam you comments r always welcome.

  4. i loved the ambience you created to take the pot pik..quite fresh ,the pot looks beautifull.thanks for sharing the post.

  5. Thank you triza, loved your creative work too

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