Wednesday, 15 May 2013

thank god!its 20th century

This year has been with many sweet surprises so far. I did an international trip to Thailand and the experience was unforgettable.
As I landed in India I had my brother’s engagement to attend and plan for his wedding. As being from hospitality sector I was given the responsibility to look into event management and menu planning. I willingly took the responsibility.
As days passed I experienced lot of fatigue and insomania. After a medical checkup I got the best surprise of my life that I was expecting! This is a best phase of life for any women.
I was excited yet confused with a long list of do and don’ts in my first trimester. I had every single lady-friend, colleague and neighbors sharing their experiences. And all had a different story to tell.
I remember my friend’s granny telling me “She got to know her pregnancy in her second month as she never experienced vomiting and nausea. Also there was nothing called sonography or Doppler test. The only thing they relied on was faith that the little one was safe, healthy and active.
 I was a bit worried that how healthy my body was and the development of the fetus. It was the 11th week when I did my first NT-Scan and a Doppler test. During the NT-scan I was amazed to hear the heartbeats and see the body part which was only 3inches in size. This made me more responsible towards my daily diet and fitness. A Doppler test is done to see the hormone growth and if any symptoms of Down’s syndrome in the foetus.All the reports were normal.
This is when I felt how modern day health care has made our life easier. In this fast paced life we suffer with so many ailments that need to be diagnosed and treated on time. Modern day health care helps with accurate diagnosis that is less painful and time consuming. Over a period of years the life expectancy of a person has also increased due to number of remedial treatment available for different diseases. The equipments used for health treatment cause less pain.
Thus I thank god that I live in 20th century where modern day healthcare has made life simpler and better.


  1. nice read !! best of luck for the contest Smita

  2. congrats! and yes technology is taking over everything across all the industries especially health! check out a online health portal which helps patients make informed health decisions.

  3. Good one :-) all the best for the contest :-)