Monday, 25 July 2011

Towel Art

Towel Origami- Crab Making

Have you ever thought folding Towel linen could be interesting?
 This blog will make you believe it.
 Towel linen folded in different shapes and kept for use would bring in personality in daily essentials like towels.Its fun to make it and show your creativity.This is something we do in Hotels in the guestrooms.Practising  towel origami would be great fun with  kids too. There are different types of towel art but for now lets see how to make a cute crab.

Material Required- Bath towel, hand towel ,buttons or artificial eyes used for soft toys.
Turkish towel preferable as structure can be made easily .

                                    Legs-  First place a hand towel on a table and fold it into half.

                                             Then start  fan folding the towel to a particular size

         This is how the hand towel should look with  overlapping 3 folds. We have completed the legs of the crabs.

                                                 Body:  Take a fresh Turkish bath towel

                       Fold the towel from one end to the center, follow the same procedure from the        other end.

                                         Open the folded towel from one of the ends diagonally.

                                     After opening both the ends it should look something like this.

                                    Roll the open ends tightly to one fourth size of the bath towel.

Twist the loose ends tightly to form the shape of a croissant.

Now place the earlier folded hand towel close to the rolled bath towel.

                                            Start folding the towel from the other end.

 3 equidistant folds to be given from the other end.

                                 The third fold should cover the legs placed in the center like this.

                                      Press the crab body so that a depression is seen in the center.

                                            spread out all the folds given to the hand towel.

                           Lastly place artificial eyes or bindis on the top portion of the body

                                                      Thus your crab is ready