Monday, 18 July 2011

Tissue flower making

 Vision of Art
I always admired people with creative ideas –who utilize the easily available material and make the best out of it. Being in hospitality sector some things I learned were keep things simple yet impressive. Paper crafts, origami, stitching is something that came to me with the profession. Initially I never thought this art would be possible for me but practice built up the confidence. When working in accommodation we always made tissue folds on the tissue box in the guestrooms. This is when I thought we could be bit creative and beautify the place. Little research gave insights on tissue paper craft.Tissue paper flower can be utilised for wall decorations, flower bouquets etc.So to get started lets see how to make a tissue paper flower.

 Material Required: Tissue paper ,Pair of scissors,thin metallic wire,artificial flower stamens

 First cut the paper in square shape each of 5inches.
Place them one above the other

Start folding the tissue papers from one of the edge around 5 cm in length.

                                                         Fan fold the entire tissue paper.

Take a 5 inch metallic wire and wind it in the center of the folded tissue papers

 Open the pleated ends on both the side once wire tied firmly.

Start opening all the layers one by one uniformly

Once done start opening the tissue papers on the other side

Also if artificial stamens available attach them in the center of the flower.

Tissue flowers are the easiest of craft that can be made to beautify the place in less resources.