Monday, 31 October 2011

I Owe You

I Owe You

Love a beautiful expression that completes our life.
I believe it’s important to love yourself first to express it to others. 
This post is especially for a loved one, whom I want to gift the I-pad.

I have thick, black hair with a good volume.They add to my personality. The credit goes to my genes and a coastal diet rich in coconut. Coconuts rich in proteins, are said to be a natural conditioner which ensures smoothness and growth
I have been more than careless for all these years as I had short blunt cut hair which never required much of maintenance. I realized how beautiful my hair was only when I first grew them to shoulder length and had a step cut, to a compliments galore . The step cut complemented my hair because of the volume.

I loved my hair but little did I realize that they had to be maintained. Over a period of time I realized that my hair had split ends and roughness. I never oiled my hair regularly, as it flattened the hair and projected my big forehead like a dart board.  I got to know about hair serums and conditioners through a surfeit of advertisements, which was a welcome option just to escape from oil.

I use dove conditioner after every hair wash as it softens and makes them more manageable. My mentor Mondira   suggested some homemade remedies for rough hair. Honestly, they are inexpensive and harmless as they are natural. I would love to share some of them with the readers.
1.  Oil your hair every alternate days with warm oil and leave overnight.
2.  Make a mixture of curd, fenugreek seeds and lemon juice .Massage it in your scalp and hair. Leave it on for an hour or more , rinse and shampoo. This one works well as it gives shine, softness to the hair.
3.  Make a mixture of egg, oil and lemon like a mayonnaise. You can add some essential oil to remove the pungent odor. This adds volume and shine.
4.  Use a mask of mashed bananas and honey for softening hair and giving it a glossy shine.
5.   Never Use hot water to wash hair but normal water

This is how I care for my hair and they do love me back. There’s a month to go for my wedding and only thing I am sure about is my hair. The dove gift hamper gives me more reason to be carefree. Especially the hair serum it softens my hair and imparts a glossy shine. I conclude by reiterating “ I Owe You”


  1. I owe you

    the adjectives
    amazingly written
    innocently described
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  3. Awww!!!
    Such a lovely post.Full of love so genuine and pure. I wish you luck that you win the Ipad for your loved one. I

  4. Nicely written 'I owe you'all d best my gud wishes :)
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  5. Smita, this is a beautiful post.. I wish you to win the iPad to gift to your loved one.. All the best.. Keep writing..

    Someone is Special

  6. Good interesting post. Hope you can gift your loved one the gift!