Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Goodbye

 Welcome Again,

                            We keep meeting different people some stay, some leave us. I feel its’ important to make someone feel special for their existence in our life for a period.  
I had one of my colleague leaving the institute and thought of greeting her good bye in a creative way.  She has always been experimental in all ways hence thought of using the header “STAY NEW”.

Now I had a group of creative minds from first year who brought the entire imagination on paper.
 Sketching would have taken time so took a photo copy of an image. Made a perfect cut and stuck it on a card cover.
 We wanted to highlight the features in the image for which we used an acrylic highlighter on the hair.

The black highlighter helped to enhance the beauty in eyes also.

You may see some red beads in one corner which were used for the bag strap.
The card was left to rest so that the beads would adhere to it properly.

   Silver glitter was used for the words and to highlight the hair.
Red color pencil is used for the hair scarf. 

Lastly we added some red glitter spot to create a design. This actually gave an embossed effect to the picture.

Thus the card is ready.

We  also made a see through insert for the greeting card.
First the card size was measured and then a bigger size card paper was cut. 

 Then a window was made on one side of the paper and gelatin paper was stuck.

Finally we made some designs on the sides of the inserts.

And this was the final product. It always a delight for a teacher to see what you imagine is the same you get from the students.
Aiswarya ,siddhesh,Anu, Sateyendar,Prateek   - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


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