Thursday, 31 May 2012

Egg Art

Egg Art
One evening I was busy preparing an Indian Masala omlette . While breaking the eggs a thought popped in my mind why not be creative with eggs.

Without wasting time I googled for creatitivity with egg shells. Too my surprise there were some painters who used eggs only as their canvas. Also”PYSANKA”-is a famous Ukrainian Easter egg decoration done with bee wax. I was excited to try this art.
This post I have tried to use the egg art to enhance a food service presentation. Being in hospitality industry we always look out of instant creative surprises for the guest.
Serving a Pastry with a cute little welcoming egg would definitely create a wow factor for a guest. Picture below explains the same.

This is can be a fun activity for the kids to paint and sketch the egg shells.
Material required: Hens Egg, Permanent marker (color of your choice), acrylic color, paint brush.

Procedure:  First wash the egg thoroughly and dry.I have used the broken egg shells with no liquid in it.
To do this we need to pierce with a sharp needle like object at the bottom of the egg.

Pictures below explain the same.

Once the hole is done with the help of a tooth pick keep whisking the egg yolk inside the egg so that is comes out easily.After draining the egg liquid wash the egg thoroughly and dry.

Use a permanent marker to draw some cute facial expression. I have drawn the regular smiley’s we use in messages. Below are some pictures of how I sketched the egg shells. 

You could also have some attachments for the egg. Like here I have drawn a hand on a paper and colored it.

Thus your cute little eggie is ready to surprise the guest at the breakfast table with a cute smile.

You could use your imaginations and make some creative stuff with eggs.

Easter is the time when we see lot of decorated Easter eggs in Bakeries. The colored egg shells could be used to decorate the bakeries or houses as ornaments also. In the pictures below I have demonstrated an egg decoration

I first painted the egg with acrylic color and made the design with a whitener. 

I have used some embellishment in the center for decoration.

I have used some simple methods of egg art which can be done with minimum resources but there is so much to explore with types of eggs, color and design.

I will soon be coming with some more interesting egg art. Until then “Sunday ho yah Monday Roz khao Aande”

 I will like to thank Prashant and Vijay for helping me with this blog post.
Thank you for visiting the page.


  1. Very Creative work Smita. Keep it up.

  2. Great work Smita.... keep it up!


  4. hi thats cute....your work is somewhat simmilar to mine...i have made egg magnets instead.