Sunday, 3 February 2013

Towel Origami

Towel Origami
Hi there,
This post is on similar lines of my first blog post. I have been doing towel art for a while now.
Every time I do this with my students they are amazed to find something so beautiful can be made out of towels. Our college Students won a silver medal at an intercollegiate competition on Towel Art recently.
This time I have demonstrated a cute dog with towel.

Material required: Bath towel, Bath Mat, big circular bindis.

Head Making: Take a bath mat and fold into half horizontally.

Now placing a finger on the center of the folded mat pick the open end of the bath mat and place it on the central line parallel to the finger.

Do this step on both sides to obtain a triangle formation as seen in the picture below.

Fold the triangle backwards,It should look something like this.

Start rolling the both the ends till the center .

Now hold the folds together and turn the other side around.

  Twist the open ends down to form the ears.

 Stick 3 bindis to show eyes and nose of the dog. Thus the head is ready.

Body Making:  Take a bath towel and start rolling it from both the ends till they reach the centre.

 Now fold these rolls and pull out the open ends from the center of the rolls

Hold the adjacent open ends in both the hands as shown in the picture.

Pull the adjacent end in opposite direction to form a body. The body should look something like this.

Now place the head on the body as shown in the picture.

Thus your cute loyal dog is ready.
 Do try making this one.

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