Thursday, 1 September 2011

Paper Quilling

Ganapati bappa morya! something that you may hear in each and every corner of Mumbai this week on occasion of  ganesh utsav .I have been watching  lot of craftsmen busy with decorations for ganesh utsav all these days. And one day I thought of  paper quilling as the best alternative to create my bappa in the form of a wall hanging.Paper quilling an ancient art also called as filigree.It is coiling and shaping of narrow strips of paper to create a design.A Paper Quilling Kit is easily available in any craft store.  Quilling is used for certificate, greeting card and wedding card decoration.In this post lets see how to make a wall hanging.

Material Required:
Quilling paper: 1/8", standard width
Hand made Paper":20"/ 15"
White chart paper:16"/ 12"
                              Quilling tool  needle tool or slotted tool
Glue clear-drying, suitable for paper

Take a single strip and fold it into half and start rolling from the either ends till the center in one direction

To roll a coil with a slotted tool: Slide the very end of a strip into the slot, and turn the tool with one hand while evenly guiding the strip with the other.

After the coil is complete allow it to relax and loosen up,after it has loosened the coils open end can be glued with very small amount of transparent glue.

 This is how an open heart shape should look.

Now lets see how to make a flower. Take a single strip of paper and start overlapping the strip in increasing size.

 As we overlap this strip use glue to hold the structure.

Now lets see how to to make a Marquise ( eye shape) coil

Take another coil and this time hold it between the thumb and index fingers of both hands. Pinch tightly with both hands to form points at each end. The marquise is one of the most useful shapes in quilling.

 I have used 2 different colors to make the marquise.6 marquise are required to fill a single flower.
glue in the marquise into the flower like the picture below.

I have used white pearls to decorate the flower. You could also use buttons or beads.

 After all shapes done start arranging them to form a design. you could uncoil the coil to increase the size of shapes. apply glue on white chart paper and then fix the shapes as required. I  used pearls to fill in the center of the coils for perfect finishing. 

 this design could be best used as border or side design to enhance the center piece.

you could use different center pieces. Here I have used a lord Ganesha picture from a  wedding card.stick the Ganesha on a coil and then glue it in the center to give a embossed effect.

Some other form quilling below


  1. very interesting smita keep up the good work

  2. Great idea for giving that personal touch to any decorations be it card, invites or on occassions like these.