Thursday, 29 September 2011

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

This time I wanted to work with fabric and corduroy is something we all have a set in our wardrobe. I Love the texture quality of the fabric that’s the reason why I never wanted the trousers to be in trash. I had a nice old beige color corduroy trouser which I wanted to bring in use and designing a bag out of the trouser was the best option.

To get started I had these bell bottom type of trousers so I utililized the lower part of the trousers which gave a perfect shape to the bag.

I had an old leather bag which had a functional handle and buckles on sides. The dark brown color of the handle was blending with the beige color so I had nearly figured out the structure of the bag. 

The trousers cut fabric had to be stitched only at the two open ends. For the base of the bag I used a brown leather piece and on top end got a zipper attached.  
For assembling of the bag I took help of the local tailors as the equipment they use give a better finish then hand stitching.

After the bag structure was ready I had to decorate it. If you visit a Fabric market you could find ready to use iron –on fabric patches which are used to decorate a bag. I picked up this patch as it was going well on the cord.

 Before using the iron on patch got the bag pressed to avoid any creases. Placed the patch on the bag covered with thin cotton cloth so heat could easily go in as well as the plastic sheet was not in direct contact with the press.

Anytime using patches make sure you apply pressure and uniform pressing so that the lamination of the patch is perfect.
 After pressing remove the plastic sheet from the design and you could see the design imprinted on the bag. Allow the bag rest for some time.

I have also used black color buttons to highlight the eyes of the cat.
 Try making a bag out of an old but reusable fabric you could use different accessories to decorate the bag.  If you have read this blog please look into your wardrobe you may find a good fabric which could be recycled and reused. Trust me you will love the way the bag comes out.