Saturday, 28 April 2012

Personalized Cushion

 Personalized Cushion:

Being in hospitality we always talk about customer delight. We try to anticipate the customer needs and customize our product. Recently I was a part of a brain-storming session on Innovative ideas to delight a customer.

We considered all kind of customers and their needs. As we went on an idea struck me. How much do we think of our toddler guest who may be our future guests in years to come. Yes we have towel art, indoor games and the end.

As this month is an onset of vacation for most of the children. Hotels seem to be occupied with families. It’s a beautiful scenario with cute, colorful and whizzling little guests all around the hotel .It’s the only time parents get to spend some quality time with their children. Now this is where we can exceed guest expectation.

This post I show how to make a personalized cushion for kids that can be placed in cribs or on bed. This can be easily made by the hotel seamstress and used when required

Material Required: Felt cloth, embroidery thread, embellishments, polyfiber (synthetic cotton).

Procedure:   Take 1metre of felt cloth and fold it into half. A bright color felt looks more appealing.
Sketch out a cute figure with a pencil on the fabric. I have drawn a cute teddy bear as this is something most of the kids adore.

I have done embroidery on the sketched figure to give a raised effect. I have used basic long and short stitches and back stitches to give a sketch effect on the fabric. The stitches are so easy that a first timer can also try this out.

This is how I kept trying alternate long and short running stitches.

I attached some artificial flowers on the hands of the teddy to give it a welcoming image.

To show the stock of flowers I have done some back stitches with a green embroidery thread. You could see that in the picture below.

For eyes you could use regular bindis or artificial eyes available in stationary store. While I was stitching the fabric I have used bindis for the eyes.

After the embroidery is complete cut the fabric into 2 equal parts as shown in the picture below.

To attach these parts make a cylindrical cut out of the fabric about 4inchs in length as shown in the picture below.

If you don’t have a sewing machine gets it done from a local seamstress as per your requirements.

After stitching it will something like this in the picture below. One side of the cushion should be left open to insert the poly fiber.

Insert the polyfiber inside and close the open end.

Polyfiber is easily available in an upholstery shop. Use polyfiber as filler because it is washable and easy to maintain. 


Finally fix the nose. You could do it before filling the polyfiber also.

Thus your cute tots cushion is ready.

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