Thursday, 10 May 2012


It was a lazy Sunday morning on 1st April; agenda of the day was to trace a perfect birthday gift for my husband.

It had been 3 long years in the relationship but this was his first birthday  after marriage to celebrate together .He worked for an international cruise liner then thus was always out stationed.

I wanted the gift to be trendy, resourceful and something I could be proud to have gifted him.

I hated this but anytime we entered any mall and came across an electronic section my husband was seen stuck like magnet there. I could see his eyes glued to these android smart phones and the kind of satisfaction he got exploring each of the handsets.
My intuition said a smart phone would be a perfect pick and Samsung galaxy S among the best.

I had less knowledge of its features but my brother had the same handset so was pretty assured that it was a good investment. I may be weak in technology but excellent with my bargaining skills. I did manage to get the handset at a reasonable rate than the quotes in malls.

I had 3 days left before the birthday to make arrangements for a new prepaid connection. After a day of research on connectivity, billing, services offered by different companies I finally got a Vodafone connection. I was more impressed with their creative advertisements and marketing strategies than statistics.

It was the 5th April and I couldn’t resist gifting him the fully operational “Samsung galaxy S”. He knew I had a surprise for him so without wasting a minute I gifted him the phone. I loved his smile increasing in millimeters as he unwrapped the box. He was amused to have a gift like this.

But little did I realize that these so called android gadgets could consume the available personal space with my husband. Now I could see my husband updating and downloading all the available apps from the android market. He was always busy and all engaged with his gadget. I could hear the beeps and update alerts at midnight also. Yes I did get my space with a 50% love shedding.
It was one fine morning that my husband forgot to carry his smart phone. That’s the time when I actually explored the phone. And to my surprise it was fun to use internet on mobile. Some points I could list out:

I had used all these applications at my work station but never on a 4inch screen that was so handy. I was so proud to have something so useful for both of us. That evening I made a deal with my Husband – to have the custody of the phone in the evenings.


  1. Ha ha enjoyed it thoroughly !!! Nice submission too !

  2. haha any would be glued to smart phones these days considering the features it provides..and i am not surprised your husband was glued to it too :) goodpost. good luck

  3. Thank you,all the best 2 you too.

  4. Nicely written, I guess by now you would have bargained more of your husband's 50%devotion to the Android gadget :P

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