Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Love Marriage

Arrange Marriage

Infatuation is a synonym for love at first sight.
Aunts and parents are the director and producers of this arrangement

You slowly proceed to your destiny that can be changed at times.
Family, neighbors, friends, events decides your  destiny
You blossom in showers of gifts, hangouts with your loved one before marriage.
 You are anxious, excited and bidding for a perfect spouse  before marriage

You feel and express love as a tangible unit by means of gifts.
You keep understanding the value of love and treasure it for someone special.

You face all the atrocities of the society to stand by your chosen one.
You are confused with relative’s suggestion and desires they have for you.
You know a person closely thus you chose him as a life partner.
You know the strangers relative closely thus you chose him.
After marriage

Love is replaced with responsibility.

We discover faults and mistakes in each other.
After Marriage

Among responsibilities there is a blossom of affection and love.

We see a difference in perception, desires and likes.
We accept, adjust and adore each other.
We remorse our decision to be together.
  We accept, adjust and adore each other.
We remorse our parents decision to get us together.
We feel arranged marriage would have been a better option.
We feel love marriage would have been a better option 
Life continues to be simple, regular and monotonous.
Life continues to be simple, regular and monotonous.

Moral of the story:  It doesn’t matter what kind of marriage you prefer. What matters is how much you can love a person to be loved.

This post is an entry for the contest on indiblogger on love Marriage ya arranged Marriage.

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  1. hehe nice way of putting it! I feel just the same...have put it in the form of a poem

  2. nice golmal
    all the best for the contest