Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nail Art

 As I started this journey of blogging never thought I would come across so different forms of art. Art has no limitation in terms of material, use and ways of portraying it.

This time it’s Nail Art. The art of painting and decorating nails is not something new but something getting interesting day by day. It can be stated as funky, loud, subtle way of accessorizing an outfit.

There are different types of nail art, some of which are French manicure, acrylic, bead and stamping nail art. I have tried to show an animal print nail art below.
This post is brought to you by my colleague Ms Reena .She has been the master and guide throughout this post.

Animal Print nail art:

Material required:  Manicured long nails, base coat paint, brown, yellow and black nail paint, top coat, fine paint brush/tooth pick.

1) Apply base coat/light shaded nail paint. A base coat is essential as it prevents the nails from getting stained and gives a smooth surface to work. You can see the base coat used in the picture below.

2) Apply tiny drops of brown nail paint randomly on the nail. Wait till the drops are completely dry.

3) Draw black  paint strokes around the brown circles like in the picture below. Allow the paint to dry.

It has to appear something like this

4) To enhance the appearance I have used yellow nail paint spots in between the gaps.

5) After the paint has dried apply a top coat. A top coat is a transparent medium which keep the nail paint on nails for a longer duration and gives a shine.

6) Thus your animal print nail art is ready.

Below you could find some  more easy freestyle nail art done by us.

You could use your imagination and come up with some funky stuff .Its an easy and creative art. Do try it.

Its an easy and creative art. Do try this out.

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