Monday, 10 September 2012

(This is a fictional story with Surf detergent as Mr.white, surf Ultra as Mrs. White and excel matic as their kid)

Mr. White Surf:  Bright did you read the news paper, excels advertisement has been published on first page of the newspaper.
MRS.BRIGHT Surf:   I am so proud of my kid! I have to show this to Mrs. Tide and Ariel.
Mr. White:   They must have seen it till now.
Mrs. Bright:  Yes but I am more excited to see their reaction in person. Heehee.
Mr. White: hmm. You know bright we have been treating so many fabrics efficiently for years by using systematic methods without causing any damage.
It’s hard to believe that with less soaking stains can be removed from a fabric?
Mrs. Bright: Come on White! Life is fast, mobile and we need to be in sync with this lifestyle.
Less soaking is an extension of our efficiency in helping our customers save time. Excel matic continues to do the same cleaning but in less time.
Mr. White: Bright so what we did was waste of time.
 Mrs. Bright: White as we evolve we keep discovering some new techniques and methods to perform a task.
Nowadays machines have taken over the bucket washing thus cleaning is much faster.
Why should the detergents be behind then?
Also My Dear today excel Matic is one of the best formulated detergent in the market.
 Mr. White: It seems the mother in you is trying to defend her son.
Mrs. Bright:  I don’t need to defend my kid, he has proven himself.
Tell me if you find all these qualities in one brand:
1.      A detergent that is   accommodating (ink, juice, turmeric stains), pleasant (smell) and hospitable (protects the fabric)
2.      Detergents that can easily manage her moves (vibrating molecules) in the whirl pools of water and get the stains on the dance (water surface) floor.
3.      Detergent that is safe on clothes and hand.
4.      A detergent that has been consistently building trust and reliance for fabric care among customers.
Mr. White: It’s rightly said no man can win over an argument with a lady. 
Hi readers Please do give our kid an opportunity to serve your fabrics.We Promise to give you more effective cleaning.


 This post is an entry for Indiblogger contest " SOAK NO MORE" by surf excel.

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