Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Presenting a Gift

I feel gifting a special one is like showing his importance in our life; whenever we select a gift we look for something special and make it look as beautiful as possible.
A gift has to be attractive from outside as much as it is from inside. Thus I thought of posting something on packaging of a gift this month.
To make a gift even more appealing this is something that anyone can easily do.

Material Required: Wrapping paper, scale, marker, scissor and glue.

Procedure: wrapping paper could be of your choice and color. Better to use two contrast color papers.
Depending on the size of the gift decide the length of paper to be used. After wrapping a gift we can use the remaining paper to make a beautiful flower from cut strips.

 Draw vertical lines with 1 cm width between each of them
With the help of a scissor cut these strips. 

 Join the open ends of the strip with glue to form a ring. Press the ring in the center to form a petal like shape.

 One after the other sticks all the six rings to form a flower.
I have used two wrapping papers to make flowers of different sizes.

 These flowers can be assembled together to form an attractive center piece.


 We could place this flower on the gift as required. Special thanks to yogita!
Thus a beautiful present is ready!

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