Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yeh hai meri Kahaani

Hi there myself the front row  Incisor and I am here to speak on behalf of my lost family comprising of molars and premolars. Few of my brothers(canines) are also here to address you all.
It has being a very long journey of cutting and mincing  wafers,burgers,chocolates,pizza and desserts.
We are  only 8 of us who have survived –malnourished,bleeding and counting our last days.

This is all because of our Owner- Raj Malhotra.

Age- 28
Profession- businessman
Job Profile- Monitor Operations,9-1 pm job,attend functions and parties.
Aim In Life- To eat,drink and party hard.
Achievements – 6 root canal treatments,recent development of fissure because of inadequate chewing of food as no teeth left.Likely to go for a denture by this year end.

We were 32 of us when Raj was 18,he explored his freedom he tried some best eateries and popular snack corners around the colleges.

We were tried on hard, chewy, sticky, sweet ,tangy food products, Initially we enjoyed the textures and flavors but  slowly we realized we were intoxicated with high proportion of sugar which caused cavities and black linings on teeth...  There were nights when  molar and canines couldn't see  each other.

There was lot of sufferings we came across during night.Our owner  scrubbed  us only in mornings for a couple of seconds. We never enjoyed  a relaxing massage of the  brush and minty paste.
He rarely washed us after having meals. We smelled, stink ed and covered with plague all over us. We all longed for some fresh  tangy fruits and vegetables for some nourishment.
 Soon the day arrived when our biggest molar had given up as he was screwed with cavities and was bleeding.
In a days time we visited our Spa care unit(Dental Clinic).What an experience guys,we were scrubbed,bleached and jet sprayed. As been Incisor we recover faster but 6 of our molars had no chance of improvement left. That’s when Root canal was done to all of them.

I think Root canal must be a painful procedure as we had no cutting and chewing job  for a change.It was only liquid that was gulped in for a day.
Medical visit had increased and there was a control on food types .We were losing our siblings one after other. the most devastating phase of life is when you helplessly see your dear one  dying before you.
Raj is 28 now and has lost his confidence to smile,his speech has changed and diet is limited to soft and watery supplements!
We are 8 of us-four above and 4 below.We have lot of emptiness besides us.
 The moral of my story is please care for your body and its part. Once gone you cannot recover them.
  • Learning
  •     Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, for two minutes each time.
  •      Spend time moving the bristles at and below the gum line, where it is most important to clean.

  •         Floss your teeth daily and after any food that will stick in your teeth.
  •         Visit your dentist at least every six months and every time that you have a problem with your teeth.
  •         Care for your body part before they  perishes away.
                           This blog post is written for the contest "the moral of the story is" by Colgate Total.
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