Thursday, 3 July 2014

Button Art

  Monsoon a climate we all mumbaikars waited so long has finally arrived this week. A cool and refreshing  weather to enjoy and blog.
Ohhkk ! Now to talk about my post this month.
As my little one is growing like every  parents we cant stop buying some cute boy wear.but in couple of days these cloths go short for him.
 baby wear generally have such cute and amazing accessories on fabric that we feel preserving them, one of which is cute, designed buttons, I had a collection of buttons from my boys old clothes.
i kept thinking of utilizing these buttons somewhere and  gradually i came up with these beautiful art work.

Redecorating a lampshade
Material Required: Lampshade, fevicryl  3d liner,colorful buttons, fevicol

 I was inspired from a tree design in a  local magazine,Made a pencil sketch of the tree on the lampshade.
First i started highlighting the outline of the tree with a brown liner  as i wanted to show the tree trunk
pictures below explain the procedure.

To add some greenery to the tree I filled  in the tree branches with green 3d liner. picture below explains the same.

Allow it to dry for next 15-20 minutes.
you could easily find a set of colorful buttons at a novelty shop.
I found these buttons at a novelty shop in my area.

Once the tree is dried we can stitch the button as leaflets on the tree branches. Allow the buttons to stick properly . thus your lampshade is ready.

 We could use it as an artifact and also in the form of a decorative lampshade.


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