Thursday, 5 June 2014

Chocolate bouquet

Hi there ,
Back Again after a long but blissful break. It was only when Amrita our smart  bakery chef came up with an idea of  chocolate flower bouquet.

I readily volunteered in her chocolate making art.Its a quick and beautiful make over  of chocolates to present our loved ones.

 All you will need will be: wooden skewers,green tape, kite paper, streamers, chocolate wrappers,scissor and  celofin paper.

Method : First roll the skewer with green tape to make the steams.

Now folder a kite paper into a triangle shape. In the picture below I have folded a rectangular paper into a triangle shape.

                                                  Roll the triangle into a conical shape.The picture below explains the same. hold the cone in shape by staples on the open ends.

  Wrap the chocolates with wrappers of your choice.

 Pierce the skewers in the center of the chocolate to hold the structure.

Now insert the skewer in the paper cone as shown in the picture.

Thus your flowers are ready.Now place them together and wrap them in bouquet style like the picture below.

Please try this simple creative art of chocolate bouquet.

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