Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Trendy Bracelets

 Welcome Back,
 It has been more than 2 years i have been blogging on creative art. I have no idea how many followers I have made but my dear college students always follow my blog and keep updating me of some new  creative art .
This time it was Sarthak  one of my third year student who came up with the idea to make bracelets.  Rubberband bracelets- quick and easy form of art.One can do art easily anywhere anytime.

Material Required: loom bands -multicolor, green -loom needle,red- band board.
 Procedure: this art is all about interlocking different color rubber-bands together to form a pattern.
Initially twist the band and attach it on the band board exactly as shown in the picture besides.
 now attach two more bands on the band board.

 Now start pulling the rubber bands out of the board.
As u start removing the bands out they start locking the bands together.
picture besides explains the same.
 Thus after placing two bands on the band board keep getting the last band out of the board to interlock the loom bands.

 insert a plastic hook to hold the first open band in place.
 keep weaving the bands in alternate or same color to form a design.
 thus your cute little rubber band is ready.
get the last band on the band board attached to the plastic hook to form a circular hand bracelet.

 thus a cute multicolored band is ready.

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