Monday, 29 December 2014

Towel Origami Workshop

Whoaa!Its 30 December today and I simply cant wait for 31st evening. This month I have been busy attending weddings and events that I hardly had  time to do some real creative stuff.But yes I had conducted a towel folding/ towel origami workshop for our college students.And I would like to share some cool creative stuff we made from towels.

Towel Origami: Originated in Cruise-liners to decorate the bed with creative animals and forms made from towels.Its  quite common nowadays in resorts and suite rooms in hotels.

Material Required: Towels- bath towel,hand towel,bath mat,accessories- ribbons, bindis ,hat,specs etc.
There are different animals that can be made from a bath and hand towel.I have also posted crab and dog making post earlier.

 You could find a step by step method below in the links given:

It was fun teaching students this creative art and make them innovate thier own towel art. 
The pictures below are some great art work done by our college students.





So thats all for this year.
wishing you and your family a  very happy new year  
See you soon in 2015!

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