Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Be natural Be Pure

Welcome again! 
In this concrete jungle  around us you rarely get to see nature. Be it trees, water bodies or birds. We all have become robots work , eat and sleep and the cycle continues.I somewhere feel our emotions develop,change, stop on basis of our  social networking. I am not against electronic media but I do feel we are addicted to electronic gadgets and applications.
I have been working with a Hotel management Institute for some years now and i teach about aesthetics.Its very important to have have something pure, natural in your periphery to freshen you up and calm you down.
I love to see something natural and lively in my work area.So I bought these indoor green plants for our cafeteria section.

I wanted to revamp this planter, Googled some great post on fabric used for pots. I had some decorative craft paper with me. Mesured it and cut the paper into the required size.

 I used a thick adhesive below and above the decorative paper on the planter to prevent it water, dirt etc .

So this is it, an natural and decorated piece of beauty.

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