Monday, 29 February 2016

foil art

Wall Art- Foil Paper

 I was travelling in the interiors of Maharashtra last weekend. It was so eye soothing to ride through the lush fields of  different seasonal vegetables and fruits.My son 2 years old was also accompanying us on this trip. Being a mom you need to be careful of what not to give and what to give your child while travelling.Thus each day I made sure I carried some home made food  and drinks for my son.
When on a trip I tend to carry most of the food in disposable containers and foil wraps to reduce baggage.
It was late evening and my son wanted something to eat,I reached out for a container filled with fruit. As he quietly eat I glanced at the foil container and was sure I wanted to try something  crafty with it.

 As its the first time I have been experimental with an aluminium foil i tried to make a wall art.

I Cut the card Paper into a circular shape. Then stuck a black velvet paper to make a fabric like background.

To make a design Fold the foil paper into square shape and cut a desired shape of the  design.
 I made small leaves to form a design.It depends on each ones perception on creating a design. 

I made this design to use it for different purposes as to use it as an backdrop.

Punching machine can be used to make small spherical shapes.

An aluminium foil  due to its sparkling appearance can make an art  look so beautiful. I kept this wall art behind my bappa .

Isnt it a smart way to use something so resourceful in a crafty way. Do give it a try. See you soon!

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