Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Veggi Basket

Hi there,
We had an event at our college which required some good hand crafted baskets or containers to display raw food ingredients.
We got a beautiful lot of baskets for the event, this clicked me to hand craft a basket.
I  researched  different basket making techniques and easiest way to craft was with newspaper or magazine paper.
Thus below is the procedure for basket making

 Newspaper/ magazine paper, fevicol, 2- waste c.ds, spray paint.

 Take a sheet of newspaper and divide it into half vertically. With the help of pencil start rolling the paper into a cylindrical roll/ pipe. Close the open end of paper with fevicol.
Make 9 to 15  such rolls. To make a strong base I have used c.d as the base layer. You could also use circular card board sheet.
Place all the rolled pipes equidistant from each other and stick them on one side of the c.d with the help of fevicol. Now apply fevicol on the c.d with rolled pipes attached to it. Over this stick the second c.d .

This will give a sun like image. Picture above will help you understand better.
Keep these infused c.ds below a heavy object so that they can adhere to each other.
Now again make 20- 30 cylindrical rolls/ pipes from the newspaper and keep it aside.

On the base structure that we made attach a roll /pipe to the base. Now start moving this pipe alternately through this attached pipe. Picture below displays the interlocking of pipes.

Always adjust the interlocked pipes properly to avoid gaps. Make sure the interlocking of pipes moves in a straight line.

If you feel the basket has got desired height cut the open ends of the rolls and stick them on the rim of the basket.

Thus your basket is ready. To make it more appealing you could paint it with some color. I have spray painted it with bronze color.

I use it store vegetables, you could use it according to your requirements.

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  1. Thats really amazing,, liked it very much,, so simple yet classy