Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Candle Art with Mehandi

Hi there, this week has been full of festivity. It is Ganesh Utsav celebration in every street of Mumbai.  Lord Ganesha is said to be worshipped before starting any new venture, work or entering a new property.

His idol is worshipped and placed for 5-7 -11 days in huge decorative pandals. I always look forward for this festival as you get to see lot of creativity in terms of design, colour in decorations and to take the blessings of bappa.

During festival time we apply Henna on hand to beautify them. I have been trying to master this art for a while now.
An idea clicked  me as I was doing some designs on my hand if I could use this art on some other surface. When I researched I was surprised to find this beautiful art made on wax candles. These candles were used as Center piece.

I selected some easy mehandi design and got started on a clean white Candle. Thus below you could find the details.

A big candle, Mehandi Cone, sketch pen to make an outline and  a satin ribbon.
First clean the candle if required. Make a desired outline with a sketch pen on the candle. By doing this designing with a mehandi cone would be easier on the candle.

I have decorated the bottom and head part of the candle with mehandi.

The snowflakes and tiny dots were made with mehandi to fill the empty space.

 Allow the mehandi to dry and then decorate it with a satin ribbon of your choice.

Thus your beautiful center piece is ready.

We in AIH believe in teamwork and thus even if I came with the concept it has been Reena Mams art work that has brought out such beautiful center piece. Thanks Mam.
See you soon in the next post.