Friday, 11 October 2013

Chocolate fantasy

Hi there, I am in my last trimester and ready to anytime rush to the hospital. All these while I wondered why I didn't experience strong cravings. but these last days of pregnancy I actually understand what actually are cravings.

On last Saturday midnight I got up to relish an entire potato wafer packet  and more to add on I was making   everything that had potato in it.This week I wanted to have chocolates and  chocolate coated doughnuts. But my over protective husband restricted me to indulge in refined flour food. I knew he was right but  cravings can make you crazy.Luckily I did have a compound chocolate slap with me.Thus an idea struck why not make some chocolates and doughnuts.thus this post got its existence.To make dry fruit rich chocolates you may need:chocolate slap,chocolate plastic mould,roasted cashew nut, almonds, walnuts and raisins.picture below displays the items required.

 To melt the chocolate we need to create a double boiler to prevent the chocolate from burning by direct contact with heat. 

To make a double boiler first take half water filled container and then place a shallow container over it. thus with the help of steam the chocolate starts melting.

 At a point you will find that the chocolate has developed a glaze and easily drips down the spoon.
Take a clean plastic mould and brush it with melted chocolate to prevent any air bubbles or pores to be seen on the top surface.

Place the brushed mould inside the refrigerator to solidify the chocolate molding. After 15-20 minutes take the mould out and fill it with your choice of dry fruits. Now fill the chocolate moulds with molten chocolate.

 Refrigerate the mould for 30- 40 minutes. Once they are solidified  you could easily demould it.

 These are some of the demoulded  chocolate shapes. You could wrap them with choice of wrapping paper and thus ur home made chocolates are ready.

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