Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Stocking flowers

Hello Pals! It has been months  that I have posted some crafty stuff.
When u have a toddler back home all you can think off is to have a  fun filled  creative lifestyle.
Last week when I was cleaning my wardrobe i found some old hair accessories which i use for wedding and parties, it was actually a clip attached with flowers made from stocking material This is when  I felt I should try my hands on artificial flowers made out of stocking material.
So here it is people

Material required:  stocking fabric( easily available in any novelty store) nylon or regular thread, easily bendable metallic wire and scissors

With the help of a spherical container make a sphere of the metallic wire and wind the open ends to keep  the sphere in shape

Insert this metallic sphere shape wire inside the fabric and stretch the fabric to one end of the wire.The wire should be be completely enclosed in the fabric.

Hold the fabric on the wire with the help of a thread. Place 3-4 four stamens besides the petal and wind it with a metallic wire to hold it in place.
Picture below will help you understand it better.

Now place the other petal and attach it with the help of the thread.
Once the petals and stamens are attached shape the petals to form a flower.

Finally cover the stick with green tape to form the stem of the flower.

Thus your flowers are ready.

You could use them in accessories and in show piece for decoration.

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