Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fancy candle Holders

Hi happy Diwali to all of you friends!
Welcome back! 
Its festive time and this year I wanted to our regular diya with some fancy lamp.
After some research I got to know used C.D can be a good reflective  source of light as lamp holders.
I had a wax lamp and a holder all I needed was some embellishments for the presentation.
Embellishments: these are easily available at any novelty store. I have used a lace of beads and some  almond shape stones. you could get a variety of color and shapes.

In the picture below I have used a golden bead lace with some pink glass shapes.The open space on the c.d helps to reflect the illumination of the lamp.

In this Picture I have used different glass shapes to form a simple lamp holder

In the picture below I have used ready to used stick on stones.

And finally to sum it all I painted some hand made diyas with acrylic paints.We got to be traditional also thus some handmade lamp painted by me.

Good bye for now!
May you have a safe and happy diwali!

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